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Hubei zhonghongtian Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional sheet metal processing and production base. It mainly exports all kinds of precision sheet metal, and its customers are high-end sheet metal customers. There are dozens of exporting countries. According to the needs of customers, our company can provide high-end sheet metal parts, which can reach international standards. It has been widely praised by customers at home and abroad, and its customer group and company scale are increasing year by year. The company has dozens of advanced laser (laser) cutting machine, numerical control turning punch, numerical control bending machine, numeri......

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Advanced sheet metal processing technology and professional sheet metal processing technology


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Terminology of sheet metal process

1. Shearing: refers to the process of obtaining rectangular workpiece by shearing machine. 2. Blanking: refers to the process in which the workpiece is cut by LASER or punched by NC punch. 3. Blanking: refers to the process in which the sha